EA Giving Tuesday

United States, donating $500 to $2,499

Important announcements

  • On Giving Tuesday, due to our uncertainty about whether the "Confirm Your Donation" dialog will be present or absent for donations of $500 USD and up, you MUST check our homepage 5 to 15 minutes before the match for essential updates based on our latest testing.

In brief

  • This year, we expect the $2 million in 100% matching funds to run out extremely fast.

  • If you're donating between $500 and $2,499, then we recommend submitting a single donation 1 second before the match begins for the best chance of directing the most matching funds. That would be December 1st at 07:59:59 a.m. EST / 04:59:59 a.m. PST.

  • Do not plan to make any single donation greater than $2,499 -- not even $1 more!

  • To get matched, it will be necessary to open the donation dialog a few minutes early so you can click the final donate button 1 second before the match begins.

  • Become familiar with the Confirm Your Donation dialog, and be prepared to check our website (eagivingtuesday.org) 5-10 minutes before the match begins to know whether to expect it.

  • We suggest practicing on our simulator (instructions, video) and making practice donations (instructions, video) on Facebook.

Preparation (1-7 days in advance)


  1. Find the nonprofit you’d like to donate on our fundraisers spreadsheet.

  2. Pledge your donation.

  3. Add a payment method in Facebook.

  4. Become familiar with the Confirm Your Donation dialog.


  1. Practice making donations on our simulator (with and without the "Confirm Your Donation" dialog -- see our instructions or video).

  2. Make a $5 practice donation (instructions, video) on Facebook.

  3. Read our suggestions on preparing your computer.


  1. Not persuaded by our recommendation to donate 1 second early? Here's the research we've done in support of this recommendation.

On Giving Tuesday


  1. The match begins on December 1st 8 a.m. EST / 5 a.m. PST. To see this in your time zone, click here.

  2. Be prepared to be ready and alert at least 20 minutes before the match start time.

  3. Open a web browser tab of the appropriate fundraiser for your donation.

  4. Open time.is/just (an accurate clock) in a new window and place it next to your fundraiser window so you can view both together.

  5. Click the first Donate button to open the donation dialog. Fill in your donation amount.

  6. At 5-10 minutes before the match begins, go to our website (eagivingtuesday.org) to learn whether or not you need to trigger the Confirm Your Donation dialog early.

  7. Click the final donate button as soon as you see the clock change to 1 second before the match start time (:59). The final donate button will either be the Donate $... in the donation form or the Donate button in the “Confirm Your Donation” dialog, if one will appear.

Click this button to open the donate dialog

Check our website 5-10 minutes before the match to learn whether you need to click this button a few minutes early

Pledge your donation on our main page.

Questions? Read our FAQ, ask in our Facebook group, or email us at contact@eagivingtuesday.org.